The Woolly Wonders and their Woolly product!

Back L-R Betty Laakso, Sandy Mcmanus. Front L-R Time keeper Gertrude Thibeault, Kay James, Debbie Etherington, Beth Dennis, Kelly Plewes, Louise Rosch.

The Woolly Wonders completed their sweater in 7 hrs 37 mins this year at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ont. This includes the 5 min penalty for having the fleece hand shorn ahead of time. The team bested their time from last year by over 2 hrs. Our sponsors this year were The Carleton Co-operative Wool Growers-practice fleeces, Hewlett Construction-team aprons, Upper Canada Village-a room for competition day.
We raised $603.00 in ticket sales for the sweater.

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