Mississippi Valley Textile Museum turns 25!!


Bayeux Tapestry visits the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is celebrating its twenty – fifth anniversay this year! To start off the celebrations we are revisiting the most popular exhibit that the museum has hosted during the past twenty – five years. The Bayeux Tapestry by Raymond Dugan is back!

A replica of the Bayeux Tapestry by artist Raymond Dugan will be visiting the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum at 3 Rosamond St. E, Almonte. from January 12 – April 25, 2010. The piece was created over eight years by artist Raymond Dugan and is done in the original eight colours. This world class replica of the famous 70 meter tapestries embroidered in the 11th century celebrates the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy. See the legendary animals, ships, Vikings, Norman and Saxon’s calvalrias illustrated in exploits of William and Harold without the expensive trip to France.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Admission: $5.00. For more information: 613-256-3754 ex. 15, or mvtm@magma.ca

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