Support the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum while seeing a great play in Perth!

What could be better than attending the Classic Theatre Festival in Perth? Supporting the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM) while you do. Buy your tickets at the MVTM and see "The Fourposter" by Jand de Hartog on August 24th, and you'll be doing just that. "The Fourposter" is one of the most enduring portraits of a marriage in the 20th century theatrical canon. This chronicle of a couple through 35 years of marriage, from a nervous wedding night through to child birth and parenting, mid-life crisis, and the final realities of aging - is both a tender and a times hysterically funny masterpiece. It will be shown at The Mason Theatre 13 Victoria St. Perth.
If you would like tickets please call 613-256-3754 ext. 7, email, or drop by the museum. The MVTM is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

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