“Rare Reflections” opens at the Textile Museum on March 19 and runs until May 18, with a vernissage on Saturday March 23 from 2 to 4 pm.

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is thrilled to present an exhibit by award-winning textile and mixed media artist Hilary Rice. Rice lives near Belleville, Ontario, and her work has been featured in galleries and at quilt shows across the country.

“Rare Reflections” is her personal reflection on the term "thin places"—where the veil between different worlds nearly disappears, and we become aware of the sacred. The aim is to create art as an oasis with the potential to transform. Each piece acts as a bridge to the holy, drawing the viewer in, to dwell with and seek a deeper relationship with the divine.

While in keeping with an intensely complex layering of materials, the majority of these pieces predominantly use a palette of gold and silver combined with understated dyed or painted materials. Many are graced with touches of jewel-like colour. The use of labyrinth images is a repeating motif, together with subtly placed text. There is a richness in the metallic applications, which may be viewed as the illuminated areas found on ancient manuscripts. As is true of these illuminated texts, the rich gold and silver reflect the light, revealing the holy one's mystery.The hope is that the intangible imagery will prompt a hidden message that is written in the minds and hearts of all—the message will sing within the soul of those who see.

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