Spin in Public welcome.......................

Spin-in Public Day, Sept 21, 2013 on Bate Island from 10:00 to 3:00. This is another free-wheeling opportunity to meet other wool-heads to discuss our shared affection for spinning straw into gold. We might pick up a new skill but most important of all we can get to know one another. Some of you did not participate last time because of the weather. Bate Island has a very nice sheltered picnic area that works if the rain comes, so I'll be there rain or shine.

This is not a guild sponsored event. Bring along or tell anyone else who might be interested. It is also not exclusive to spinners. If you have a project on the go that needs a little "sit down" time, time to weave in those dangling threads, finish the fringe, stitch it together, this is the perfect opportunity.
You’ll need to bring a Wheel, fiber, project, lunch, beverage, chair, conversation, or just chair and conversation – the rest we can work out.

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