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February 28

Due date for 12x12 Colour Wheel Challenge, year 2 (turquoise, sun yellow or black and white with choice colour)

The Colour Wheel Challenge

Phase One:

Last year, we launched the OOTB challenge and we ended up with 32 (one is still coming) outstanding and very different ‘Twelve by 12’-art pieces. The two colours chosen were Violet and Orange.

The exhibit spent one month in the window of Wabi Sabi, on Wellington Street and then it went to Fibre Fling. We have received amazing feedback in regards to the exhibit.

At the April meeting, I talked about the preliminary steps in planning for an exhibit catalogue at the end of the process. Remember, the idea is to have 6 colours, a colour wheel at the end.

Big thanks to Pat Hardie who agreed to take pictures of all of the pieces and to Chris Burdridge, who is putting the data together.


As mentioned at the meeting, the two colours for this year will be a Turquoise and a yellow. I am having so much difficulties in finding the perfect colours right now, that the plan B is to provide you with a piece of fabric with the colour. This will be done at the next meeting. For people who will not be attending or are far away, I could mail them the colour.

Still, I would encourage you to write to me and to tell me which colours you will be doing. I am looking for 16 pieces in Turquoise and 16 pieces in Yellow.


Any technique or medium is acceptable but each piece must be attached to a 12x12 stretched canvas. I had suggested ¾ inch thick but since people are using different techniques, etc…at this point, I don’t think it matters.

Hanging devices:

We need to review the hanging devices…. it did not quite work as I hope. More to come on this subject.


I had suggested September in order to start on the next colors…however; it will be exhibit next march at Wabi Sabi and then at Fibre Fling. Lets aim at the end of September and then we can start on the next two colours.

Black and White and another colour:

Lastly, it was suggested by some members that we could do some Black and White pieces with 20 % of another colour. I think it is a good idea. Although it might not be part of the colour wheel as such, it can be build as an exhibit for both Fibre Fling and the Museum Exhibit. If you want to participate, send me your name. Again, this one does not have an exact number of participants required. It would be nice if you have 16 participants. Then next year, we could do, White and Black, again with another colour.

Any suggestions are always welcome. I really think to create artwork that can be used in a collective piece is manageable, easier to do for some of us and the end results is stunning.

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