For those looking for entertainment

Check out the website above. If you are a member of the Out of the Box Fibre Guild this may be a reminder. If you are interested in their topics you may want to join their guild. Some examples are :

**Juanita Sauve will have her works on display at the Glebe Community Centre on November 15, 16 and 17

** The Color Wheel Challenge- see particulars on the out of the Box Fibre Art website listed above

** Workshops

NOVEMBER, “1914” OOTB members’ show at Stitsville Library, NOVEMBER 17, 9:30am-3:30pm Member Playdate (Nancy Garrard & Marie Anzai, tissue paper cards),NOVEMBER 17, 7:00pm - (new start time) Guest: Mike Parr presentation on Lili’s stitching,DECEMBER 15, 7:00pm Bring one of your favourite projects of 2014 to share as well as promotional items that you use to promote your work.

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