Living Positively
Kenyan Artists Paint Their Truths

Dec 10- Feb 10th
Featuring art work from the 1st Imani Artists Collective of Eldoret, Kenya.
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

Saturday Dec. 17
1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Experience an afternoon celebrating the resilience of the people of Kenya and the transformative power of creativity.

Join visual artist, comedian and teacher Rachelle Elie as she recounts her experience guiding twelve HIV-positive artisans into the land of visual art and painting. Discover how these artists became accomplished painters in just under two years, and how their art led to a successful commission in the only maternity hospital in Kenya. The afternoon includes an introduction by local obstetrician/ gynecologist Dr. Dave Caloia, who will recount his own experiences in medicine and the challenges of working in developing countries. Special appearance by Almonte composer, poet and musician Ian Douglas.

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